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Student Braces in Singapore


Braces treatment is available at our sister branch at Holland Village – Smilepoint Dental Centre. To contact us, please call 6475 1028.

Braces or orthodontics is the art of repositioning teeth in the mouth. It is mostly used for cosmetic reasons, such as straightening teeth or closing gaps.

The treatment usually takes one to two years, depending on the severity of the problem. During this period, patients are required to come for regular checkups and adjustments to ensure that the desired result is achieved.

How do braces work?

Your teeth are cushioned by the tissue of your gums, AKA your Gingiva. Underneath your gums, you have a Periodontal Membrane, which shields the lower half of your teeth. As your teeth are bone, the two “prong-like” portions of your teeth are fittingly called the Alveolar Bones.

Braces work by constantly putting pressure on your teeth, slowly encouraging them to move into the correct positions by putting pressure on the Periodontal Membrane. One side of this membrane will stretch out, allowing the teeth to move. The bars and bands will then push it from the other side — creating enough space for the teeth to safely shift. In fact, it’s the archwire that puts most of the pressure on your teeth, while many of the other parts (like the brackets) work to hold it in place.

Braces Treatment Process

Book an Appointment

Call Smilepoint Dental Centre at 64751028.

Initial Assessment & Diagnostic Investigation

Upper and lower impressions for study models, two large x-rays (frontal and side view) and initial screening.

Discussion, Cleaning and

We will advise you on your suitability for braces. If the patient is deemed unsuitable after the initial assessment, all the records will be returned to you.

Braces Placement

Upper and lower braces placement. If extractions are needed, we will arrange separately.

FAQs on Braces

  • For braces, can I do upper or lower only?
For braces, can I do upper or lower only?

This depends on how the upper and lower teeth bite together, where the location of teeth crowding is, and the positions and directions of the teeth to be moved. Most people need braces in both upper and lower jaws to achieve a good bite and well-aligned teeth.

  • Is it true that braces are very painful?
Is it true that braces are very painful?

Doing braces is not very painful but some discomfort should be expected during the initial treatment phase. This is because the gums need to get used to the extra bulk of the brackets on each teeth. There may also be some rubbing and abrasions against the cheek. Subsequently, during the braces adjustment, patients may also experience some tightness but it should not be very painful.

  • Any food I need to avoid when I do braces?
Any food I need to avoid when I do braces?

Sticky or hard foods that can cause the bracket to drop off, loosen or break. They may also bend the wires and bands, and place additional stress on the braces.

  • How long do I need to wear braces?
How long do I need to wear braces?

Generally, it takes about 1.5 to 2.5 years to complete the treatment but it depends on the complexity of the case, the patient’s age and how fast the teeth move.

  • What’s the difference between the different kind of braces?
What’s the difference between the different kind of braces?
  • Metal braces allows a change in colour of the modules (around the metal bracket) every adjustment visit.
  • Ceramic (tooth-coloured) braces are differentiated from metal braces by the ceramic brackets, which are similar in size to metal brackets but are less noticeable as the white coloured ceramics blend in with the colour of natural teeth.
  • Invisalign are clear trays worn over the teeth and do not include any wires.


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