Top 3 Ways To Prevent Cavities

Cavity is a word that no one wants to hear at the dentist’s. Cavities develop when a tooth decays, or breaks down. A cavity is a hole that grows deeper and bigger over time, and it is important to get it repaired before a cavity reaches all the way inside a tooth where the nerve endings are! Ouch!

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[/one_half][one_half_last][toggle title=”Brushing twice a day” state=”opened”]Plaque builds up slowly throughout the day and if not removed, cavities start to form. Brushing twice a day with the correct technique ensures that food remnants and plaque are removed effectively.[/toggle][toggle title=”Flossing as part of your daily oral hygiene practice” state=”opened”]Brushing alone does not adequately remove all the plaque on our teeth. One of the more common places for cavities to occur is on the surface where two teeth touch (proximal surfaces). Flossing helps prevent these cavities from forming by removing the plaque and food debris caught in between our teeth.[/toggle][toggle title=”Regular dental check-ups” state=”opened”]Unfortunately, despite a meticulous daily cleaning regime, cavities can still occur. Some people have teeth with very deep grooves that are naturally more susceptible to decay. These grooves are usually identified at an early stage in children and sealed to prevent cavities from forming. Most people lack both the time and the manual dexterity to brush and floss regularly and effectively. Once a small cavity forms, decay spreads rapidly within the tooth and regular dental check-ups will ensure that these dental problems are attended to promptly, averting the need for more complicated dental treatment in the future.

Although there are ways to fill up cavities, prevention is always better than cure! Take care of your teeth before you have to suffer a toothache!



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