New X-Ray Machines Acquired

OPG-Lat-CepthWe have recently acquired a Gendex GXDP machine. This machine provides low dosage dental X-rays and can take a full mouth (Panoramic) dental X-ray in digital format. Apart from a full mouth (panoramic) dental X-ray, a lateral cephalometric dental X-ray can be taken. This type of dental X-ray shows your profile view and assists in treatment planning for braces treatment. This machine can take Cone Beam 3D images which are useful in certain dental procedures such as implants and difficult oral surgeries. A 3D scan provides valuable information to aid in identifying the location of certain oral structures and thickness of bone .

Children Dentists In Singapore: How To Select The Right One.

Your concerns about the comfort and safety of your child can make choosing a dentist a difficult choice. Children should go to the dentist for regular check-ups instead of presenting only when pain is experienced. A good dentist will work at an age appropriate level. You can make a dental appointment an enjoyable and fuss-free one by preparing your child to his or her first dental visit. It is important not to project your own fears and anxiety on your child. You can learn more tips here. Rapport between your child and the dentist should built at the first visit. Being comfortable with the dentist at a young age is important in maintaining good oral health as your child grows and enters teenage and subsequently, adult years. Parents will be involved when appropriate. The dentist also plays a part in educating parents on diet and oral hygiene habits (brushing, flossing and the use of fluoride toothpaste) for young children. Before you leave the clinic, you should have an idea of your child’s dental development, your responsibilities as a parent and any follow-up care by the dentist.  Together, you and your dentist can ensure your child has excellent oral health. Children may be anxious in dental chair if they had a previous traumatic experience. Sometimes, children may be uncooperative.


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